Where to find the family in fallout 3

Meresti trainyard
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Strong profanity can also be heard throughout the game e. Go to Search. Proud member of. Keep Up to Date.

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  4. Meresti trainyard!
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I've checked all of the locations and have not found them. Where are they?

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You'll find the family in a Metro station under Meresti trainyard, about 3 squares east of Arefu. Evan doesn't have all the info, so he won't send you after the Family directly.

You've got two options. This gives you the evidence you need to get Evan to send you in the right direction - ask him about it, and he'll tell you where to go and mark it on your map. Option number two is to explore the locations listed a bit more thoroughly.

Is it time to break out our geiger counters again?

Specifically, head back to Northwest Seneca Metro, and be less afraid of radiation and more diligent in your interior explorations. Oh, and watch out for traps, and it's probably for the best if you don't barge in on The Family guns blazing - they have quite a bit to tell you.

The Family

There is also a manhole cover that leads to a passage that will take you to the train yard. There are multiple train cars that you'll see when you exit the passage into the yard; on the other side of those train cars is another passage that will lead you to the station with The Family. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Communities Listing Fallout.

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