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They tell me I need a court order to get this changed. However, I get conflicting information when I contact attorneys from either state. HELP, please. Hello Ruth and thank you for reaching out to us. You should advise them that you had a copy of your certified birth certificate and the information was correct. Ask them what caused the information to change? Hopefully you will be able to resolve or at least get an explanation in this matter soon. I need to correct that and add his fathers name, how do I do that?

Hello Eve and thank you for your question. Hello Frances. We are sorry o hear about the inconvenience you are experiencing due to the fact that your middle name is not listed on your birth certificate from Hawaii. Please click here to visit the website for the State of Hawaii Department of Health. You will find their contact information plus requirements for amending a birth certificate.

Hello Jaycee and thank you for your question. If you birth certificate has the correct listing then you will need to provide a copy of that to the Social Security office. It is best to go in person to the office in your area. However before you make the trip to the office here is the information that the social security office provides for correcting a name. Hi Anthony. I need to apply for passport for my son. I have got the birth certificate from the local council, but there is mistake in my first name, although the name of my son is spelled right. Hello Tamoor and thank you for your question.

If not this could possibly be a typo when they printed the record typically an east fix. Passport agencies can reject a passport application due to this mistake. The best thing to do is contact the vital records office that issued the record and let them know the certificate you received has an error on it. They should be able to look at the record and see if this is the way it was recorded at birth or this was an error made when issuing this certificate. Either way they will be able to get it corrected for you. My last name is Taylor.

Correcting a Birth Certificate

Hello Maurice and thank you for your question. However you will need to contact the amendments and corrections office in the state you were born. Hello, My name on my birth certificate differs from that of my social. If so who should i contact, i am from San Antonio, TX. Hello John and thank you for your question. You would most likely need to change your birth certificate 1st since that is what the social security office will reference.

Correct a birth registration

Once you have your birth certificate corrected then you can take that to the social security office to correct your social security card. You can contact the amendments and correction department in San Antonio TX at Hello, I just recently got married and changed my last name and need to know if i need to make the change on my birth certificate? No, you do not change your birth certificate name when you get married.

Your birth certificate reflects your birth information. My boyfriend forgot to put Jr after his name on his new order of his birth certificate will that make a difference when orfer it. Hello TeAira and thank you for your question. That should not make a difference since the suffix is not required on a VitalChek order however if you would like we can submit the information to the vital records office.

Please have your boyfriend call our office with his order number. Our phone number is Hello, I recently change my last name and I have the court order too. And there was a mistake on my first name. My first name suppose to have a space and now my first name is without the space in between. And I want to add back the space in between on my birth certificate and my court order. What can I do? Hello Karen — If you need to amend your certificate please contact the state or county vital records amendments and corrections department in the state or county you where you were born.

They will be able to assist you in making the correction. Who should I call? The birth certification was a foreign birth certification and it was done in Florida. My daugter is now 7years old and i was looking though her birth certificate and saw an error on it, the error is her father date of birth was wrong. How and where should I call to get this change?

We live in texas. Great question, thank you.

How to Legally Correct or Change a Birth Certificate | VitalChek Blog

To avoid issues in the future, you may want to check with the vital record agency who issued your birth certificate and request a correction for the spelling — that way all your documents will match. The best way to get a change made to your birth certificate is to contact the agency who issued the certificate.

They will have appropriate forms and instructions on how to make any changes necessary.

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I just had a correction done to my birth certificate. My parents last names were reversed. I need to apply for my passport can I use a certified copy of the court order with the birth certificate to apply for the passport. If you want to be sure, we suggest checking with a local passport acceptance office or one of the regional passport facilities. S To give birth. He is on my childs birth certificate but his name is incomplete just shows his name and middle name. Also i noticed my middle name has a mixed letter.

My child is almost 2 what can i do? Just an ammendment? Each agency will have different rules and will need specific information to verify the changes you request, so that is the best place to start to get the best direction. I am from Plano, Texas. Could you please let me know whether i could send the Application to Amend to Vital department or do i need a court order or is there any other process to change it as i dint not receive the birth certificate still?

Since it is such a recent event, you should contact that agency directly to ask about the correct process and application forms to make that change. We live in Nevada and there a child abandonment law that says no contact in 6 months constitutes grounds for termination of rights. I was told the other day since her rights were terminated, we could go to the Vital Statistics office and actually have my wife put on the birth certificate.

Does anyone know if that is true or not? Thank you to all. Typically the vital statistics office would require specific legal paperwork for a major change such as this, and we suggest contacting them directly to determine exactly what would be needed.

Your source for information on vital records and more!

Best of luck in your endeavor. Hello Andre and thank you for your question. The extra letter added to your name could possibly be a typo when they printed your certificate out. Especially since you know your original was not listed that way and you never had your name changed to the spelling with the extra letter. If you no longer are going by your fathers last name and you see that your last name is now listed as your mothers maiden name it is possible that a change occurred somewhere. The best way to find out is to contact the vital records office that issued your certificate directly.

Hello, I was adopted by my step father when I was very young, while I served in the army I grew closer to my real father and changed my name legally through court in Arizona back to my birth name. I am trying g to get a copy of my original birth certificate to get my drivers license but the town I was born in said there is no record of me there? Any suggestions? Thank you, Scott K. Hello Scott and thank you for your question. Once you are legally adopted your original birth certificate is no longer available.

To obtain that original you will have to contact the court where your adoption took place. However all you should need to establish your identity for your drivers license is your birth certificate, the one with your adopted fathers name on it along with your legal name change documents showing the name was legally changed to what you currently go by. Hello, My husband and I recently got married and are getting ready to change my last name to my marriage name.

LM: Correction of Entry in the Birth Certificate & Marriage Contracts

What can we do to remove mothers last name and leave just the proper last name of his fathers? Thank you so much! If your husband wants to change his name on his birth certificate we would need to contact the vital records office where he was born to have it amended.

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If he just wants to change his legal name then he can keep his certificate as it is and have a legal name change done. Also, my birthplace on my correct birth certificate is different on what is on my other birth certificate. What should I have to do about this? Hello Belle and thank you for your question.