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Can't be called specially young, nor specially establishment, nor specially avant garde. But very contemporary. Suits, with smaller lapels and pocket flaflk The man who wears this elegant clothing easily turns the collar up. Corduroy slacks, pleated, Shorter collar shirts, narrower neckties. Clean, pure lines. Beautiful balance. Stop in. Accompanied by the heads of sev- T. Such popularity should encourage other investors to look at the city in a new light, but that's hardly possible when a business district near the boardwalk in many instances regambles a slum area. Although he was concentrating on one section of Broadway, the mayor said he intends to extend his clean-up campaign throughout the city.

That's the way it should be. Acknowledging that his "get tough". He's prepared to accept such criticism, however, because he knows it is the only way to save the city and to keep it on the move toward total rejuvenation. Sandford, Associate Editor Long Branch code violations Ernston Road action Commuters and motorists in westei n Muninoulh County appear to tie winning a battle they have been waging for nearly a decade.

We refer n a promise from the state Department, of Transportation to provide some relief at the horrendous Ernston Road-Route 9 bottleneck n Sayreville. With Middlesex County officials pressing the issue, too, Russell H. Mullen, assistant state transportation commissioner, said he has ordered a study of the intersection and has asked for a design for a cloverleaf and overpuss there. Admitting that such a Bicycle safety summonses ssued by city building and code officials to determine how they are being treated in Municipal Court. That course was prompted by a complaint by Councilman Richard G.

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Traversa that code violators are being treated too leniently by the court. We magine that city employees will be accused of being "selective" in issuing code violation summonses, but that should not deter them from doing their job. The vast majority of Long Branchers have, great pride in their city, and we are confident that they agree with the mayor n his efforts to improve the few sections of the city which create such a bad image for what is essentially a first-rate municipality.

Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey · Page 6

Motorists who are able to see. Unfortunately, it's the more heavily traveled streets, such as Broadway, which give the wrong impression that the whole town is a depressed area. Let's hope the mayor is successful in striving for a more attractive Long Branch. He deserves the enthusiastic cooperation of. State Sen. Thomas Gagliano, R- Monmouth, is to be commended for arranging the meeting of Mr. Mullen and the delegations from Monmouth and Middlesex.

Bicyclists represent a definite hazard, and we'd hate many youngsters are riding bicycles to and from their classes. The meeting was called to hear arguments on the Carter administration's proposed nuclear test ban treaty. S hearing was Brig.

Harry Goodall who criticized the treaty on behalf of the Joint Chiefs of Stiff Goodall responded with surprising ease to a series of complex questions drawn up by the committee staff But Rep. Carr demanded to know whether the general had seen the questions n advance. According to sources familiar jwjbi the secret testimony, Goodall admitted that he had.

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Under further questioning, he conceded be had been slipped a copy of the questions the day before the hearing. Under stern questioning by Carr, Shwiller acknowledged be had not checked with any member of the committee about giving ths general an advance copy of the questions Whea the congressman demanded an explanation, Shwiller reportedly said: " have no reasons, sir.

Candidly, Shwiller later admitted to our associate Gary Conn that he had indeed provided the sneak preview to Goodall. He repeated that he had "no reason tor doing it " Shwiller contended that this was the first lime he had done such a thing and didn't realise he was breaking any committee rules.

Before 1800

He added that he doesn't necessarily agree with Coodall's views of the treaty. But Wilson, while praising Shwiller as a conscientious staff worker, told as that the aide does oppose the test ban treaty. BATTLE: The nation's elderly and handicapped have been waiting for more than five years for buses that would be easier for them to board.

General Motors has been vying with other firms for the right to build the new generation of buses. The new "Transbus" would feature low floors, wide front and rear doors, and a six-foot retractable ramp to accommodate the handicapped. All city buses bought with federal money must have this new design. But GM hasn't given up the fight.

Thomas R. Knechel

The giant automaker has been trying for years to convince the government to adopt its own version, which has ANDERSON higher floors and a rear-door lift instead of a ramp. The company has been lobbying furiously to overturn the federal decision against its bus design. Confided one transportation official: "f they admit failure, heads will roll. The measure would hold up the entire question until Transbus and the GM version could be evaluated side by side. GM lobbyist Roland Ouellette told us that "the other side of the story hasn't been told. There are times the ramp will work effectively, but the ramp won't provide total access.

That takes a variety of equipment. You're not going to be serving the total population by one method. According to a new study by Corporate Data Exchange, a New York research firm, some banks have made direct loans to Pretoria, while others have contribted to joint syndicate loans.

New Nation News

The No. The admirable Sen. One such tradition embraces the courtly Southern parliamentarian whose principles are as hard as Us speech s soft. Helms snares with these predecessors one distinguishing characteristic. Like them, be s above all else a senator. This s the judgment of many persons whose own lives revolve around the club. When Helms arrived on the scene in January of , he was preceded by publicity dentifying him as a redneck extremist.

A little of that ludicrous image still sticks n the public mind. Helms s in fact a gentle person, courteous, reserved, unfailingly polite in debate. He is Helms has won the respect of his colleagues, on both sides of the aisle, much as John WU Uams of Delaware gained respect a decade ago by sheer unflinching ntegrity.

Helms has returned a million dollars n Senate funds he could have spent on staff. He has spumed junkets, fought against congressional pay raises, and done his utmost to impose some frugal limitations on the Senate's lavish new office building. Time after time, when he felt matters of principle were at stake, Helms has stood alone or nearly alone in the Senate. But can admire the consistency, the courtesy and the determination with which he has waged his campaign.

And he s a prodigious through Wake Forest as a worker and a tireless fighter. He went first nto K. After a hitch n the Navy in World War, he returned to the Times as city editor. Most reporters, editors and pundits shun political temptation. Helms made no secret of his love for public service. He won four terms on the Raleigh City Council.

He worked in Washington for two North Carolina senators. He involved himself deeply in North Carolina politics.

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By the time he was ready to make his run for the Senate n , he had accumulated an encyclopedic knowledge of the state and its people. He won by M. But for all its reputation as a valley of liberalism between two mountains of reaction, North Carolina has strong conservative leanings. For many voters, Helms is the champion of balanced budgets, reduced federal regulation and the enterprise system.

He fought the Panama Canal treaties, he la a consistent anti-communiat hawk n foreign affairs, be combats the welfare state, and as a father and grandfather himself, he embodies all the old virtues of family, home and fireside. Besides all that, Helms publicly denounces Welfare Seentary Joe Caufano, the antl- ' tobacco man, in phrases that fall like music on the farmers' ears.

Within the gentlemen's club, such old Southern customs are well understood. Closing of school deplored Sea Bright To the Editor: t appears that gambling is a large issue in our fair state, but shudder to think a handful of heartless individuals choose to play games and gamble with the lives and futures of our children our children our hope for the future, the only hope we have. The children of Sea Bright, like children throughout the world, are warm, lovable souls who live, laugh and dream' of growing up.

Has it been that long ago, you few board members, that you have given up loving and feeling for our children? Perhaps f each of you had been fortunate enough to have attended Sea Bright School, your thinking and feelings would not be so warped. Anyone who would willingly want to put fear, self-doubt, anxiety and worry into young hearts and minds n exchange for what they are now being taught, namely, courage, joy, excitement and an insatiable appetite for what is yet to come, best prepare to live with that memory for t will haunt and disturb the rest of your lives whether you live one day more or many and pity each of you.

Jinni Hutlon The school Oakhurst To the Editor: At the town meeting held in Sea Bright to consider the future of the school, the meeting ended soatyupuy that did not have the opportunity to speak. Hence this letter There wu coninlete agreet b not brought out clearly s the added benefits that each child gets as he attends the Sea Bright school.

Elementary education s a child's introduction to school. How important t s to have t satisfying and challenging! Every child who attends the Sea Bright School s accepted as a person worthy of respect. He is given the opportunity to develop his talents whether they are one or many n an accepting, caring atmosphere. Every day he recites and participates in the work of the school.

He s n his class play, the weekly assembly, the May fete; he goes on trips. He knows tie is an important member of the school.